Thursday, 28 April 2011

the introduction

Well at long last, after many many hours of editing and scanning, it is time to launch the hope photography classic rock blog. Numerous people have asked me over the years about the rock images and I finally took the plunge to dust off those neg files, grab the loupe and the light table and go through them frame by frame. No small feat I must say. The great memories came flooding back as fired up the old turntable and spun some vinyl as I relived the old concerts through that small magnifier. I will bring some of the highlights of the shows to the blog and put a more thorough look at the concerts on the rock website when it gets completed so you can have a more in depth look at what I saw. Perhaps you were there as well and the images will spark your memory. I would encourage you to contact me with your memories of past concerts and bands or with requests to see something. I may have shot it ... you never know. So sit back and have a look, enjoy and tell your rock n roll friends to come on by.

Led Zeppelin 1977, Seattle Kingdome

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